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Physiotherapy in The Hague?

The physiotherapists at Max Health Care offer high-quality physiotherapy, sports physiotherapy and manual therapy and excellent facilities. Max Health Care means active rehabilitation in accordance with the latest scientific insights and treatment methods.

At Max Health Care in The Hague and Voorschoten.

Max Health Care has 2 branches, Den Haag and Voorschoten. The branch in The Hague is located in Max Health Club and the one in Voorschoten is located in Your Life sports club.
• Extended opening times. Treatments possible in the evening and in the weekends.
• A lot of experience gained in RIO 2016 with the Netherlands Beach team.
• Very spacious exercise room indoors as well as fields outdoors.
• A lot of experience with (top) sports injuries and the support of Olympic athletes.
• The best treatment and the fastest results are guaranteed.
• No waiting lists, so you can start quickly with your treatment.
• Treatments in the pool possible.
• Free crèche in the morning.
• Free parking in front of the door.
• Max Health Care is not just for members, anyone with an injury is welcome.


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